Hardisty Terminal, Alberta, Canada

Our Hardisty terminal, which commenced operations in June 2014, is an origination terminal where we load various grades of Canadian bc.game login registrationcrude oil received from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin onto railcars for transportation to end markets. Additionally, the terminal will load DRUbit™ as a part of USD’s diluent recovery solution. Hardisty is one of the major crude oil hubs in North America and is an origination point for export pipelines to the United States. The Hardisty terminal can load up to three and a half 120-railcar unit trains per day and consists of a fixed loading rack with 30 railcar loading positions, a unit train staging area and loop tracks capable of holding bc.game app downloadfive unit trains simultaneously. The terminal is also equipped with an on-site vapor management system that allows our customers to minimize hydrocarbon loss while improving safety during the loading process. Our Hardisty terminal receives inbound deliveries of crude oil through a direct pipeline connection from Gibson Energy Inc.'s Hardisty storage terminal. Gibson, one of the largest independent midstream companies in Canada, has 12 million barrels of storage and access to most of the major pipeline systems in the Hardisty hub. The terminal's strategic bc.game app downloadlocation and direct pipeline connection to substantial storage capacity provides efficient access to the major producers in the region. Our Hardisty terminal is also connected to the Canadian Pacific railroad's North Main Line, a high capacity line with the ability to service key refining markets across North America.

Modes InboundPipeline
Modes OutboundRail
Railcar CapacityUp to 3.5 120-car unit trains (combined with Hardisty South terminal) with 31 railcar loading positions
Servicing RailroadsCP
ProductCrude Oil, DRUbit™
Terminal Services
  • Unit train terminalling bc.game app download(up to 120 railcar trains)
  • Connectivity to Gibson Energy’s Hardisty storage terminal
  • Railcar fleet and freight services
  • Inventory management (Borque Data Systems®)
  • State of the art environmental controls including vapor recovery and thermal destruction
Location DetailsThe Hardisty terminal is strategically located near the Hardisty crude oil storage hub
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